Hyphen Group keeps its systems and processes simple. It recognizes the fact that optimizing processes within the business is the key to scaling and continuing to grow. Over the years, Hyphen Group CEO, Jean Van Geluwe successfully led the growth of the company combining strategy and timing in making business decisions. The management’s top-down approach allows Hyphen Group to focus on growing value in its businesses by identifying its outcome and thinking strategically about how the business will arrive at its destination. We always link our day-to-day tasks to the success that we will have in the future.

The group’s diverse lineup of brands gives itself access to a wide range of markets internationally, catering to every possible need of its clients. We capitalize on the strength of each of our brands, the knowledge we acquire from years of experience, and our technical-economic capabilities to evolve and develop new products and services related to the needs of our existing client base.  This strategy makes our businesses progress, increase revenues, above all, create a more versatile, resilient, and future-proof organization.

Hyphen Group’s core values provide the foundation and guiding principles for all our business processes. Our business approach to achieve long-term success is based on the following three pillars:
Our Approach