Hyphen Group is a legal entity registered in Brussels, Belgium in 1995 as a private limited company. Since then, the company introduced a stream of services that provides equitable solutions for small to big enterprises focusing on the energy, telecom, and insurance sector brokerage under Hyphen Group’s pioneer brand Invoicebrokers. Significant growth in market share was achieved over a short span of time with the management’s strong leadership focus on the competitive index and customer-centric approach. We boosted sales and value-added service strategies that put our clients’ needs and advantages at the forefront of our business advocacies.
Despite the recent economic turmoils, we were able to drive the growth of Hyphen Group to an even greener pasture by investing in innovative solutions that allow us to maximize our resources, offer higher quality services, and expand our brands’ portfolio while reducing operational costs. Our expansions involved as well putting up additional offices in Belgium’s Flanders region for improved client reach and to strategically position our growing teams.

We are driven by innovation and creating opportunities that thrive. And we deliver value
services that is honest.

The activities of Hyphen investments are focused mainly on venturing and managing the brands under the Hyphen Group. We also support the operational needs of these investments and oversee its business units. Our investment activities involve diversification strategies in a horizontal approach – extending the company’s brand portfolios and operate in several different markets while capitalizing on our actively growing market share. Our experienced investment management team continuously look for opportunities that deliver value not only for Hyphen Group but also to our stakeholders. As for all our companies, our values and business principles are upheld at all times.

Investor Relations

Accelerate growth with strategic investment

Hyphen Group’s investment objective is to create long-term value to our shareholders through capital appreciation, cash flow, and high-potential investment ventures that support the growth of our existing brands and market expansion.

With the global economic turndown brought by the pandemic, we are able to navigate and even prosper in the process. Our corporate leaders carefully recognized and evaluated the current business environments in various industries considering how best to implement long-lasting and effective initiatives aimed at fundamentally improving its own brands’ operations, and proactively offer solutions to B2B clients to thrive and gain an advantage in their respective markets while supporting the economic growth of the society.

The CEO Agenda

Hyphen Group CEO’s agenda for the growth strategies for the company as a whole is to focus on a future that is secured by imposing a top-down mandate.

A strategic review of Hyphen Group’s portfolio of products and services, as well as the markets and targeted clients. An assessment of the group’s businesses, organization model, and employee sourcing options. Application of economic performance assessments, identification of opportunities, and implementation of operational initiatives that can result in structural improvements efficiency and effectiveness across the organization.

In the Q3 of the year 2021 Hyphen Group is ready to perform business activities mandated by this strategic leadership.

Having laid out the groundwork needed for the development and market introduction of all the other brands under the group, our investment team is ready to step up in its investments, and drive towards global expansion, initially within the European and African markets.

Another focus is to build overseas operations and expand our workforce around the world to maximize potential while minimizing risks and costs.

Investor Relations

We would like to urge all of our existing stakeholders to continuously support and patronize our services as all these initiatives are designed not merely for ours, but for your success as well. And to our prospective investors, we invite you to share with us your thoughts. We raise our corporate value by listening and being open to integration and partnerships as this is what we find a major step towards a bright future and corporate development.

Our investor relations division would gladly respond in detail to any of your IR concerns. You may request information and meeting appointments by filling in the below form or contacting us at